Highlights from our History

The First Baptist Church, PA was founded on February 16, 1860, with Furman Farnsworth and George Mowton as Deacons and George Mowton as Clerk. The first meeting was held in the school house with Rev. O.L. Hall presiding. The first regular(weekly) church meeting was held on March, 24, 1860, when Rev. Hall was elected as the first pastor.(1)

After land was secured on the corner of 9th and Coal, the cornerstone was placed on August 9, 1860.(2) On September 1, 1861, the first service was held in the basement of the church and the church was dedicated on January 8, 1862. The dedicatory sermon was preached by Rev. A. H. Buckingham. Abraham Lincoln is said to have visited this church sometime between 1860 and 1865.

On January 10, 1926, fire destroyed the interior of the church and the roof. Repair work started and competed within the same year. The church purchased a plot of ground just north of the church where they built the parsonage. It was sold at one point in time, but repurchased in 1952.()

In 1955, the congregation built an addition on the east side of the church.()

Our congregation was affiliated with the American Baptist Convention, but later became Independent Baptist.


The Early Years

Rev. O. L. Hall: March 24, 1860 (Preached for first meeting on February 16, 1860)
Rev. George McNair
Rev. A. B. Still: 1870
Rev. Thomas Godfrey
Rev. Delancey
Rev. Merriman
Rev. Hile
Rev. W. H. Ellis

The Middle Years
Rev. Mose Alexaander: 1901*
Rev. A.G. Langford: May 19, 1906*
Rev. A.Z. Myers: September 4, 1907* - October 1, 1910 (Treorton Times)
Mr. Alex. Patman: April 2, 1911*
Rev. Thomas J. Lake: July 14, 1912*
Rev. Judson Barnes: August 20, 1916* - December 25, 1916 (Christmas Card)
Rev. E.B. Sharpless: August 31, 1920* - June 6, 1921(Cradle Roll)
Rev. Clarence Pike: May 24, 1922* - November 3, 1923 (Shamokin News Dispatch)
Rev. Frank L. Whitsell: February 11, 1927*
Rev. Josiah H. Rhoads: August 6, 1928 - June 15, 1935 Shaokin News Dispatch)
Rev. H.B. Rittenhouse: June 12:1938 - July 28, 1940*
Rev. Michael Sheldon: June 29, 1946 - January 1, 1950 (Moved - Shamokin News Dispatch)


Recent History
Rev. Russel Fry: September 1949- 1960 being known for certain.(4)(5)(6)(7)(8)*
Pastor Fry passed away on March 4, 2017
Rev. George Kohler called around Octover 18, 1960
Rev. Arlee L. Powell: March 29, 1964 - February 6, 1966*
Athor of A Discipleship Journey for New Believers: Publish America, 2011
Rev. Fred Gramlich: September 11, 1966 (first day) - 1969*
Rev. Charles Hamilton: Visiting Pastor during late 1960's to early 1970's - Rode a Greyhound Bus from Lewisburg on a weekly basis(+)
Rev. Martzel: Possibly for 1970-1971 (+)
Rev. James Canaday: April 30, 1972 Through November 1974*
Rev. George F. Lee, Jr.: November 1974 Through November 1978
Rev. Mark Mantz: Late 1970's or 1980's Through December 1992
Rev. Robert E. Horne : January 1, 1993 Through June 20, 2001 (Father's Day)(+)
Rev. Daniel Conklin: May 2002 - May 10, 2015 (Mother's Day)
Rev. David H. Troyer: October 12, 2015 - August 2018

About our Current Pastors

Rev. David H. Troyer was called to become pastor in September of 2015 and started serving the following month. He is a graduate of Cochise College, Clearwater Christian College, and Liberty University. He spent several years on Active Duty in the Army and is currently an Army Reserve Chaplain.

Pastor Troyer is also a published author and is currently the Vice President of Make It Clear Ministries which is based out of Baker, FL. (www.makeitclearnow.org)

Rev. Duane Tupper was voted in as the Associate Pastor in January of 2018 and started serving the following month. He has been a missionary in the Marshall Islands and started a church plant in Arizona.

Our church currently offers Sunday school classes for children of all ages, Children's Church for 3rd grade and under on Sunday Mornings, and the AWANA youth program and Teen Activities on Wednesday Nights.


If you have newspaper clippings or other articles of interest regarding the history of our church, please provide us with copies if you are able to do so.


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* Known through Church Records


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